Legioned Marcher“self titled demo”none1987
Publick D-Zaster“not these guys again”none1988
Fort’e“Demetia by Design”none1990
Fort’e“Green Album”none1991
S.F.O.N.“The Only Hard Core Band That Matters”none1991
Fort’e“Stranger than Fiction”Massacre Records1991
S.F.O.N.“Lords of all Cheese”none1992
Fort’e“Division”Massacre Records1994
Black Symphony“Black Symphony”Rising Sun Records1998
Paul Gilbert“pre production for Alligator Farm”none1999
Michael Schenker Group“Be aware of Scorpions”Steamhammer2001
Michael Schenker Group“Be aware of Scorpions” (Japan release )Nippon Crown2001
Michael Schenker Group“Written in the Sand” (Japan release bonus)Steamhammer2001
Black Symphony“Tears of Blood”Rising Sun Records2001
Fort’e“demo 2004”none2004
Michael Schenker Group“World Wide Live 2004”Metal Mind Records2004
Jeff Martin“The Fool”Mascot Records2006
Kottak“Therupy”Escapi Records2006
Michael Schenker Group“2 originals of Michael Schenker” (BAOS)Wagram2007
Black Symphony“Sewing The Seeds Of Destruction”FTM Records2007
Black Symphony“Black Symphony IV”FTM Records2007
Steelheart“Good 2 B Alive”Steelheart Records2008
Fort’e“Stranger than Fiction: re-release”Divebomb Records2011
Steelheart“Blackdog” (single)Steelheart Records2011
The Mad Drummer“Little Drummer Boy”none2011
Fort’e“Unholy War”Divebomb Records2012
George Lynch“Legacy”Rat Pack Records2013
Fort’e“Invictus – Division: re-release”Divebomb Records2013
Leslie West“Still Climbing”Mascot Records2013
Dofka/Jones/Aymar/Erb“Gates Of Babylon” (single)none2013
Leslie West“Soundcheck”Mascot Records2015
Blasted To Static“Blasted To Static”Metalapolis Records2016
Steelheart“Through Worlds Of Stardust”Frontier Records2018
Rev Jones“Bakwash”RJB2018
Vante“Vante”Dark Star Records2022
Rev Jones“In The Key Of Z”Dark Star Records2021
Rev Jones“Slow n’ Easy” (single)Dark Star Records2023
Leslie West TributeLegacyMascot Records2022


Black Symphony“rebellion a tribute to queensryche”Dwell Records2000
Plester/Jones“strings of fire a tribute to G-N-R”Cmh Records2000
Black Symphony“warning: minds of raging empires” (queensryche tribute)Adrenaline Records2000
Rev Jones Band“Wicked Garden , Millennium tribute to STP”Versailles Records2009
Rev Jones Band“Lit Up , Millennium tribute to BuckCherry”Versailles Records2009
Rev Jones Band“Rock n’ Roll Train , Millennium tribute to ACDC”Versailles Records2011


Fort’eWB “Rock Video Monthly , 05/95” (vhs)Warner Bros Records1995
Fort’e“metal on metal launch one” (vhs)Massacre Records1999
Michael Schenker Group“World Wide Live 2004” (DVD)Metal Mind Productions2004
Michael Schenker Group“MSG bootleg: Live in Philadelphia 2004” (DVD)none2004
Michael Schenker Group“Metal Mania 2004” (DVD)Metal Mind Productions2004
Michael Schenker Group“Rock Palast: MSG live 2006” (DVD)Rock Palast TV2006
Michael Schenker Group“Rock Palast: Wacken 2006” (DVD)Rock Palast TV2006
Michael Schenker Group“Live At Wacken 2006” (DVD)ICS2007
Kottak“Live At Wacken 2006” (DVD)ICS2007
Rev Jones“Bass Line” (instructional) (DVD)Vision Quest/Encore2007
Steelheart“Rock’n Milan 2017” (DVD)Frontier Records2018
Mountain“Woodstock 50th Anniversary Commemorative
Box Set – Woodstock 40 year concert” (DVD)
Woodstock Nation2020


Fort’e“Metal Massacre 11”Metal Blade Records1991
Fort’e“Foundations Forum ’91”Concrete Marketing1991
Fort’e“Foundations Forum ’92”Concrete Marketing1992
Fort’e“Molten Metal Monsters volume 1”Siegen Records1993
Fort’e“Massacre Records volume 1”Massacre Records1993
Black Symphony“Unerhort! volume 1”Rock Hard Magazine1997
Black Symphony“SONAR 3 by CAKEWALK , producer cd”Cakewalk2003
Forte“Thrash Til Death”AMF Records2009


Jack Frost“Out in the Cold”Mausoleum Records2005
Michael Schenker Group“Tales of Rock N Roll”Armageddon Music2006
Nikki Puppet“Power Seeker”Artist Station2008
Siva Addiction“Dirty Little Secret (Prater Remix)” (single)none2009
Scott McClellan“???”Dark Star RecordsTBR 2021
Michael T RossBarrage?TBR 2021